How A Belt Fed AR 15 Differs From An Assault Rifle

Belt fed AR 15

If you care about guns, you are sure to have come across the term AR style rifles. Most people would immediately jump to the conclusion that the AR stands for Assault Rifle. But it is not! AR stands for Armalite that is the name of the first company that started manufacturing such rifle types back in the 1950s. Since then different companies have been manufacturing these rifles giving them the name AR.


What it is Meant for

One of the most popular guns in this category is the AR 15. This rifle is a non-assault one that can be owned by civilians for different purposes. Shooting is among the listed Olympic sports and the AR series is often used to practice, to better one’s aim and of course for sports and competitions. The popularity of the series is mainly attributed to its easy use and light weight that enables portability.


Difference from an Assault Rifle

This rifle type is however different from the assault group of rifles. The second category is meant for military use only and civilians do not have access to it normally. Assault rifles have different firing options that can control the firing to a single round or trigger off the continuous round of firing. The magazine of the assault group is detachable as they can fire several rounds to empty it when set on the automatic mode.


Exclusive Features of an AR 15

A Belt fed AR 15 would look pretty much same as an M16 or an M4 carbine rifle used by the armed forces. However, the AR 15 has excellent ergonomics that helps the common civilian to adjust the length of the rifle according to her or his height. Setting up the rifle on the ground or even on any other stable surface and is extremely customizable according to the needs of people. There are attachment facilities that enable the fixing and use of lasers, scopes and also suppressors other than the slings and handles.

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