What Are The Benefits Air Guns Have Over Firearms?

Belt fed AR 15

Traditional guns have almost been replaced by air rifles. Air guns are no more guns for shooting tins and piercing paper targets. The modern air rifles are technically much advance. Air gun pallets are less expensive to purchase than the good old firearm bullets.

A good air rifle like Belt fed AR 15 can be compared easily with most modern air rifles. Many air rifles are modernized to hunt small games such as squirrels and rabbits.


  • The ammunition used in air rifles doesn’t get bad. It is simply a pallet and primers powders or cases aren’t used for it.
  • Air rifles are not taken into account as fire arms. It becomes quite easy for you to own your personal air rifle.
  • A good quality air gun is actually more accurate than a firearm up to the distance covered by a air rifle is around 50 yards.
  • You make less noise while using air rifles. You use them, disturb your neighbors less and hunt your games efficiently.
  • Most pellets lose velocity after about 50 yards which makes for safer for shooting.

The .177 caliber is appropriate for birds, squirrels and small rodents. For hunting larger games you need heavier pallets which are provided by 22 caliber bore. Ensure that the velocity is above 650 FPS.

Always try to make your hunting adventurous with the air rifles which are available in the market. Now air rifles have become more modernized than before. Trying them while hunting, is the best thing.

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