Below are some common questions with the FM-9 Belt Fed 9mm AR15/M16 Upper.

  1. Does it work with a bumpstock or binary trigger?
    We have not tested any aftermarket devices in house so the short answer is, you will have to try and see. That being said we have customer feedback saying some devices work and the best thing to do is search youtube or forums like ar15.com, uzitalk.com and other related sites for other customers who have tried. The main thing to understand with aftermarket parts are the geometry of the hammer if it is fire control related or buffer tube clearance if it is a stock type product. Another thing to consider if inertia is part of the equating is out belt fed is not light. The weight of our belt fed make the recoil similar to a .22LR but with that means the ability to “bump” will probably take some practice.
  2. I am having issues with feeding what can I do to resolve this issue?
    Please watch the following videos as well as consult the manual. If after you have read the manual completely and watched the videos below reach out to us for more assistance.
  3. What is the difference between the Gen 1 & Gen 2 top cover and feed tray?
    The FM-9 9mm belt fed upper from Freedom Ordnance is a blowback system. As such the inertia from the bolt being thrown back by the power of the ammunition is what causes the arm to cam and advance the belt. From our launch in September 2015 until the summer of 2016 the original Gen 1 unit would not hand cycle and would not consistently feed the last round of the belt. This was due to the stroke length of the cam arm. When we finally caught up on production, and based on customer feedback on the desire to hand cycle the upper, we were able to design a cam arm with a longer stroke which also required changes to the location of the levers in the feed tray which prevent the belt from slipping back out of the upper. Now the unit is able to be cycled by hand and although we do not guarantee the last round to feed every single time it’s a 99% last feed success rate. If the last round is not feeding after 500-1000 rounds of break in the power of the ammunition could be the reason.
  4. Can I upgrade to Gen 2/is my Gen 1 a useless paperweight/why did you guys change things I hate change?!
    We do offer the ability to upgrade from Gen 1 to Gen 2 for $200. That being said your Gen 1 unit has a lifetime warranty and if there isn’t anything wrong with it you really don’t need to upgrade as there is nothing defective. If at some point you experience issues that require the unit to be sent in for warranty work and it is deemed the issue is within the top cover and/or feed tray the unit will be upgraded to a Gen 2 at no cost to you. Everything else about the Gen 1 and Gen 2 units is the same so there is no need to worry. Again if for whatever reason you just gotta have the Gen 2 upgrade we will gladly accept your money and give you new parts even though your current ones are not broken.
  5.  Does the warranty follow the unit or is it only for the first customer who owned it i.e. I found a great deal on gunbroker, “enter favorite forum here”, craiglist, my buddy…If you find a killer deal on one of our belt feds somewhere BUY IT. The lifetime warranty follows the unit so if you get it and it doesn’t seem to function as it should get in contact with us we will get you up and running again. You may need to buy a firing pin or extractor but aside from that nothing should break on our upper unless it was a defect in materials. Yes when we make belt feds they are sent down from the heavens so nothing should ever break… ok back to reality, we are only perfect 99% of the time and even the 1% when something doesn’t go as planned that wasn’t us it happened in transit from our building to you so we blame the delivery guy but because we are great people we cover for him as he is a nice guy with a family no need to get him fired.
  6. Hey does your belt fed work with X lower/aftermarket product etc.?
    As much as we would have loved to try our upper with every lower on the market as well as every cool aftermarket part we have not had that luxury. As stated on our site and in the manual our upper is intended to be used on milspec AR15 and M16 lowers which are in spec. That’s very vague I know but what that means is there are a lot of people who make lowers and tolerance levels very. The bigger the company/brand the more lowers they are cranking out which leads to manufacturing variances. This isn’t even an issue that we can say brand x works and brand y doesn’t because the reality is we have taken our upper to shops and ranges where lowers from the same company had issues with one and no issues with the one right next to it. We have put in as much wiggle room as possible to try and help with these variances but if you see anything that may be an observed issue contact us so we can help you find a solution. Pictures and video always help when trying to figure out what’s going on, measuring tools are even better in helping gather information so be prepared to help us help you. “My upper doesn’t fire and I threw in in a lake” doesn’t help us resolve your issue but giving us as much info as you can about what is going on, ammo uses, buffer weight and spring type, any non mil spec part along with time of day, weather conditions, what you ate for breakfast all can help us figure out how to get you up and running. Lastly if the upper and lower need to come our way we can do that as well to see what the issue might be. Sending donuts, cupcakes or chocolate can expedite the warranty process.


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