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The FX-9 pistol (Freedom Xtreme-9mm pistol) has a familiar set of operating controls for the avid AR-15 user, it accepts AR-15 stocks / braces and buffer tube assemblies,as well as most free float AR-15 rail assemblies.

The FX-9  comes standard with a 33 rd double stack Glock® style 9mm  magazine. When we designed the FX-9 our goals were Reliability , Affordability, and familiar controls for the user.

The FX-9 is machined from billet material, anodized type III aluminum components . Steel components are full hard nitride and nickle boron nitirded including the barrel,bolt,ejector,last round hold open,feed ramp and extractor for extended wear properties and corrosion resistance.

The upper and lower receiver are more than 1.00″ shorter than a standard AR-15 upper and lower receiver making it more compact and lighter than a standard mil-spec AR-15 design.

Features Include-


-Chambered in 9×19
-7.375″ Free float M Lock Rail  With an 8.25 ” barrel
-KAK Stabilizing Arm Brace
-AR-15 Configured Rear charging handle
-AR-15 Configured safety selector
-AR-15 Configured last round bolt hold open
-AR-15 Configured magazine release
-AR-15 Compatible pistol grips (without the rear tang)
– 3″ Muzzle Enhancer (suppressor look alike)
-compatible with 9mm approved 1/2″x 28 T.P.I. muzzle devices and suppressors
-compatible with KNS precision® AR-15 trigger pins. 

*** WARNING!- Before purchase be advised Freedom Ordnance cannot guarantee that any particular brand of hollow point will function in the FX platform.***

Note – The FX-9 Pistol is designed for right handed use. We advise left handed shooters to consider this before purchase, as some features may not be well suited to all left handed shooters.

We do not recommend using aftermarket lighter weight triggers, if you wish to try an aftermarket trigger group we recommend keeping your factory supplied trigger group nearby for re-installation as it has more disconnector engagement built into it than a normal mil spec trigger group or after market trigger group  .

The FX-9 upholds Xtreme reliability with a wide range of ammo including many hollow point designs for self defense and full metal jacket .

We do not recommend the use of non jacketed ammunition as unprotected lead can cause fouling and buildups that plated and jacketed bullets do not.


Do Not use aluminum case ammunition in your FX-9 !!


We recommend starting with the following ammunition. 

 -115 gr. FMJ Tulammo®

-115 gr. FMJ  MAGTECH® 

-124 gr. JHP SIG SAUER® Elite Performance

sig-elite-performance magtech-ammo tulammo-image

We at Freedom Ordnance Sincerely hope you enjoy the price point,quality and reliability of the FX-9 pistol.

The FX-9 Is MADE IN USA and offers  a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY for the purchaser. For any warranty or repair claim that may arise please fill out our WARRANTY REPAIR FORM  to receive an authorized return number for servicing of the FX-9.


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