Rugged Suppressors 9mm 3 Lug Adapter


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The 9mm 3 Lug Adapter from Rugged Suppressors features their patented Go/No Go Gauge. The No Go/Go Gauge provides confirmation that your suppressor is properly attached, for a surprise-free shooting experience. This 3 Lug Adapter is compatible and used in conjunction with their Obsidian9™ 3 Lug MountThis 3 Lug Adapter is made to 9mm HK spec. and is not compatible with 45ACP.

*Rugged Suppressors recommends using Red Loctite® and 20-25 ft-lbs to torque the 3 Lug Adapters onto your barrel.

For additional clarification on Obsidian mounting options check out their Pistol Suppressor Attachments Guide!

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